In Today’s business climate of constant change and various economic challenges, service is not only essential, but it remains the key factor in the continued success of any business. At M Design Furniture we understand the importance of providing a service that is trusted and relied upon by the industries retailers. We have and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our reputation as a leader in service is sustained.
A family managed company that manufactures and imports furniture; we strongly believe that this is the essence that lies at the heart of our company. Our heritage influences the standard of service and quality of products we provide. Over the years as our industry has moved towards imported goods, we as a company have not lowered our products standards of quality. We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly raise the benchmark on product quality. We have adopted quality furniture assembly methods and use quality timbers such as those that originate from New Zealand and various Australian States such as Victoria and Tasmania.
We understand the importance of honesty, consistency and being able to build solid relationships with all of our stakeholders. Whether it’s face to face or phone communications we endeavour to respond to and answer all your questions, enquiries and concerns. Your feedback is important, valued and respected.

Product value is important to our customers, and because of this it is important to us. Our sales team is constantly monitoring market trends and thrive on exceeding customer expectations. Our level of quality and service, intricate product value and design is what has helped make M Design Furniture a genuine market leader.